What Readers Are Saying

I’m 31 years old, and have done little to set aside for my retirement thus far, but armed with Burns’ tips, my fiancé and I now have a strategy outlined to plan for our future, and most importantly, we feel confident about the financial decisions we are making rather than being held back by doubt, fear, and a feeling that we did not know enough to make viable fiscal decisions, something no other financial or wealth management guide has been able to give us thus far. -Daisy Buchanan

To say I am not a technically savvy person when it comes to finance is an understatement. What I loved about this book is that I didn’t need to have a financial degree to comprehend the strong message about how to make my money-make money. And I particularly relished the humor and personal stories that were used to convey typically unpalatable, dry informational pabulum into user-friendly easily applicable gems. LOVED IT! — Greg K. Mansur

If you are looking for a wealth management approach that focuses on the purpose of money and how it contributes to your overall happiness and future, this book provides a simple and easy to understand roadmap to success. —John G.

This is one of the best books on financial matters I have read. It is clear and written in plain English in laymen’s terms that all can understand. It should be a “must read” for anyone who is planning (or is thinking about) a retirement. Contains really good advice. Strongly recommended!!! – M. B. Chesser

During the thirteen years that my husband and I worked with our previous financial adviser, we talked three times – each initiated by us. We had no idea what he charged, what other fees were involved, and even why he recommended the funds that he did. After reading You Are The Boss we now understand the difference between a financial adviser and a financial advocate, and that we should expect and demand much more from the financial services professional that we hire. Thanks to Walter’s insightful guidance and advice, we have taken charge and now work with a true financial advocate who puts our interests first. —Sydney A